In the Pacific Northwest, we believe that artists have a unique capacity to recast God's Story in ways that are experiential, accessible, and enlivening. The arts can create spaces for worship that encompass a broader understanding of the nature of the Triune God - with room for joy, lament, fear, delight, and mystery. Will you join us as we explore how the arts can help us reimagine and more fully engage God's Story in our worship and in the world?

This one-day conference invites pastors, artists, leaders, and culture-­makers into a space for conversation, imagination, and relationship as we explore worship and the arts, and how these things might shape our shared Cascadian context.

Over the course of the day we will learn from nationally recognized theologians, worship directors, pastors, and artists as they share both from the podium and around the table. We will worship with a community of Christians who believe in the transformative power of worship and the arts, and finish with an art-filled celebration in the evening.


Location & Times

288 106th Avenue NE Suite 203
Bellevue, WA 98004
Friday, April 5th, 2019

Daytime Sessions: 9am-4pm
Evening Art Celebration: 6pm-9pm



8-9AM Registration/Check-In

9:10 Welcome

Session I: Reframing the Story | 9:30-10:45AM

Gideon Strauss – God's Story, our Responses: The Psalms as paradigmatic for our art
Shannon Sigler – The Incarnation & Hospitality: Exploring the Artist-Church Relationship
Brooke Waggoner – Music for the MAKER

Session II: Hospitality & Sacrament | 11AM-12:15PM

Todd Johnson - The Sacramentality of All of Life
Emily Nelson - Heart Hospitality:  Making Space as a Spiritual Discipline
Tod Bolsinger – Learning Leadership Over Sunday Dinner: The Lord’s Table as Holding Environment

12:15-1:45: Lunch Break

Walk to lunch in Bellevue. Maps and suggestions provided.

Session III: Embodying the Story | 1:45-3PM

May Kytonen - In the Fabric of Space and Time: Art Installation
Tamisha Tyler – Subversive Liturgies
Stephen Newby – Art, Embodiment, & Reconciliation

Session IV: For the Sake of the World | 3:15-4:30PM

Chelle Stearns - A Series of Unfortunate Events: Artists as Prophetic Voices
Michelle Lang - My Four Guiding Mantras: Staying Focused When it Starts to Get Blurry
Jeff Overstreet - Turn and Face the Strange: Thoughts on Ergonomics & Artistry

4:45-6:45 Dinner Break

Walk to dinner in Bellevue. Maps and suggestions provided.

Art Party at SOMA | 7-9PM

Live performances by:
Brooke Waggoner
Mt. Zion Dance Ministry
Paradosi Ballet
Tamisha Tyler
Quest Dance Ministry
Complimentary dessert provided. Cash bar available.

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